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Welcome to Indonesia Bonsai, the everlasting beauty of nature for everyone.

Thank you for visiting the Indonesia Bonsai website. We have maintained a collection of artificial bonsai since 2006, and have been successful in producing and marketing all kinds of bonsai styles domestically.

Currently, we have turned our attention to overseas market. We do believe that our quality products The Indonesia Bonsai is the art of artistic bonsai artificially made by the hands of full skill craftsmen. Through the collection of our products we present the eternal beauty of nature to your homes. And we always put our customer first, and are proud of our record in this regard.

What is Indonesia Bonsai?

The Indonesia Bonsai is an artificial or imitation of bonsai trees made of wire cuttings, and synthetic leaves and flowers. The idea to produce Indonesia Bonsai based on the urge of mankind to preserves beauty of nature, and brings them back home where they live. And through this, sometimes, we have to sacrifice nature.

For thousands of years the Chinese, and later the Japanese, have evolved the bonsai techniques. Until quite recently bonsai has become a precious art of nature and business as well. And yet, nurturing the beauty of bonsai demands full commitment, talent, and ingenuity. The art of Bonsai is not for everyone to enjoy.

The Indonesia Bonsai are proudly present the beauty of bonsai for everyone. The Indonesia Bonsai is easy to care, never tortures trees and its beauty never lasts. The Indonesia Bonsai is presenting you the beauty of nature to grab and enjoy it for 247 in your surroundings for the rest of your lives.

The Indonesia Bonsai is not a company, not yet a manufacturer. We' re just a group of artists ( craftsmen) who concern about the condition of this dying planet: the global warming, deforestation and the lack of green lovers among the population.

Our mission is to draw attention among the people to love trees and to live green lives, Through the beauty of artificially minimized trees the artificial bonsai Indonesia Bonsai, we try to attract people' s attention to respect nature. Our vision is to let people enjoy nature and preserve its beauty without consuming natural resources. We bring beauty around us without any devastation.

We are combining pleasures of arts with business, as we make living through selling artistic crafts.

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